How to NOT get called on by the teacher :D

Do you worry about the teacher asking you questions hard for you to answer because they knew you weren’t listening? Happens to me most of the time (even if I was listening, I easily forget), but I get to avoid it by:

1.) Sit where the teacher can’t see you much (depends upon teacher), but here’s my seating arrangement.

a. Sit in the front cause some teachers think the ones at the back listen the least.

b. Sit in the middle for some teachers mostly called the students who are either in the front or back.

c. Sit in the back and be able to find a hiding spot where the teacher cant find you 😀

2.) When you think she’s about to call you get something out from your bag like you need something very important. (but it does not always distract the teacher from calling you)

3.) Pretend to understand what the teacher is saying, try nodding or writing notes (real notes of what the teacher is saying just in case).

4.) Pretend to think about the topic, look around, put the pen in your mouth like you really are thinking.

5.) Look confident and don’t look worried or anything.

6.) Don’t make your self look like you really want to answer or that may lead the teacher to calling you.

7.) (this depends on the teacher and may not work with many students), raise your hand (when the teacher asks a question) so that the teacher knows that you already know the answer which will make him/her not choose you.


But it’s usually best when your ready to answer all the questions so you won’t be so worried. PS. if you do get called and you dont know the answer…

Just say:

* Sir/Miss you were talking too fast that I didn’t understand the lesson (which will make the teacher repeat the whole lesson so you have to listen)

* I got a bit distracted may you please repeat the lesson? (this might make the teacher irritated)

* I’m sorry Sir/Miss I don’t know the answer to that question

or tell the truth 😀





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