What gets me on the mood?

Mostly… Music gets me on the mood to clean 😉 but sometimes it doesnt work, thats why I pretend tl be Cinderella! What makes Cinderella so patient? Thats what I always think when I pretend Im Cinderella cause usually the kids make TRiLliOns of mess, Arrggh! But I think… Will Cinderella growl when more mess comes? Thats why pretending to be Cinderella makes me more patient and progressive when it comes to cleaning up, but I still growl though 🙂


that was some of the mess… laundry 😀 and the blue thing was part of pretending to be Cinderella… My costume ;”) I know Im too old to be playing but If I need to help my mom this is what gets me going.. and its worth it… its more like playing than work… and I thank the Lord for giving me the greatest idea ever 😀


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