Temptation x-(

So our topic for today is the evil Temptation… First of all, did you know the devil also loves us… He wants to lure our souls and make them bad, but there is one man who also loves us more than any one could ever imagine… and he is Jesus our Lord and Saviour… I have been praying for me to talk to a Chriatian person, to chat with at least, and I have found one, well, he actually found me 😀 he asked about something to do with Smiley faces, I replied and he said touche and I said Cliche, haha, never mind about that… After all the chatting, I finally asked him, ‘are you a Christian?’ and to my relief he said ‘yes, my father is a pastor’ we talked for awhile and I confessed and he confessed and we prayed for each other, I wont tell you what we confessed about but it had something to do with temptation, and temptation is a very serious problem, everyone has them…

The only way to avoid them is to pray and move away from it…
I watched this in youtube and it was about a boy (animated) who is obsessed with candy and icecream and is tempted to eat them, he prayed to God to help him stop and God said something I forgot… I would gladly share the video but I am using my mobile 😀

Sometimes you pray for something and nothing happens, the reason might be, God has better plans, It is not the right time, It is not Gods will (you might be praying for cigarettes :)) , and sometimes you just have to see properly, God has different ways of answering prayers… But I have a lot to learn about this…

Oh and here are the pictures from the hotel 😀 going to dreamland…




haha that was in the toilet 😀


this was in the hotel 😀

Well the was all for now 😀 thanks for reading… God Bless!


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