Story I made :D

Unknown story:

I shut the door as quickly as possible,I hadn’t notice my BFF, Scarlet following me, did she see the whole scene? Oh I hope not, it was so embarrassing! I saw the door open and George came in “Isn’t this the guys washroom?” He asked quite confused, I hear the flush of the toilet and a guy came out, I looked at George in embarrassment, first day of school and this is already happening “Sorry” I said to George who is already laughing “its okay” he said in a sweet voice which made me go redder than ever, George is one of my closest guy friends, he’s cute too… I came out of the boys washroom only to find Scarlet who looked like she must have been waiting here since the incident “I’m so sorry you have been through this” She said worriedly “Its okay, my parents fought every time, but not in public especially inside the school” I said, I bet their gonna get divorced in no time, they fought ever since mom caught dad kissing our maid. “Why dont you come visit our youth group? you deserve it.” Scarlet asked trying to catch my eyes, ‘I dont want to go to a boring ol’ church, but maybe I do deserve some rest’ I thought, I looked up to to her and smiled “I’ll give it a try” she hugged me “Okay, its due in Sunday Morning” she said, I looked at my watch “OMG! were late for school! RUN!” We ran to our class and Miss Huntly our adviser turned to us with her left eyebrows raised “Were have you been young ladies?” she asked a bit too enthusiasticly “Uhhh we were in the washroom to get some air” I said too quickly, Uggh why did I say that? Scarlett gave me a nudge “Fresh air, in the toilet.” she said, it wasnt a question so I knew I didnt have to answer “Uh me and Krissa went to the washroom to wash ourselves up, we were kind of messed up” Scarlet said which was kind of true “Krissa, Scarlet, the incident doesnt mean you have to skip classes” Miss Huntly said grinning at me and Scarlet, I didnt have to ask if she has seen the incident because it was already too obvious that she did, me and Scarlet walked to our chairs “why do you always have to tell the truth” I whispered to Scarlet “Because its bad to tell a lie” she replied quickly

To Be Continued… Writer had to sleep for it is 1:00 in the night 🙂


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