Online wierdness!!

Okay so I have been spending too much online, but there are somethings you and I have to be aware of…

But first, to the goods:

Is an online chatting thing/ or like a chatbot where you can chat to a computer/AI better than cleverbot 😀 It can also sing with you (continues lyrics) and give pickup lines, etc.

Online game for kids 🙂 Register and make you own virtual “human” self

Are for kids and teens who don’t chat much and likes doing missions and quests

Another virtual chatting games for kids but this time, their penguins 😀

Places you have to be aware of:

Is a chat for teens and adults, but be careful if you give too much info. (NOT FOR KIDS), went through this and never coming BACK!

Is a place for people of all ages but be aware!!


Haven’t used this one but my classmates said they deleted their so I suspect that its bad 😀


KKK. Thats all I know


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