Crushes :3

As a teenager, you will reach this stage where you start liking someone, and sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t, for me, I usually have minor crushes like 5-10 minute crushes and sometimes major like a 1 year crush then I change to another person who is better than the other, that is one reason why I don’t rush because someday your heart (or mind) will focus on another person.

Many teenagers my age or younger (11-12) already have boyfriends thinking they’re perfect for each other, but didn’t they think how long their life is ahead of them? they still might have 60+ years to live and their already rushing…

But there are many people who feel lonely, that’s why they rush, they try to find someone to fill their heart, but they always forget that Jesus is there for them because they focused mostly on their problem.

I usually write stuff’s like these because sometimes I think I found the one but I try to remind myself that God has someone better…

I advise all you young teens (like me) to wait for the right time for God has someone better…


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