Dogs… <3

Dogs, they have a very short lifespan to fit with such a good personality… 15 years? Average lifespan? I bet theirs more… and guess what. I’m right! Some dogs were able to live for a long time, but I consider it not so long… I wish dogs had a longer lifespan :]

One of my favorite dog breeds is the Italian Greyhound…

The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog of the sight hound type, sometimes called an “I.G.”, or “Iggy” for short. Wikipedia
Life span: 12 to 15 years
Temperament: Affectionate, Agile, Athletic, Companionable, Intelligent, Mischievous
Colors: Fawn, Black, Red, Tan, Grey, Blue, Blue Fawn, Yellow, Chocolate, Red Fawn, Slate Grey, Sable

and also the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. It is principally white-bodied smooth, rough or broken-coated which is commonly confused with the Parson Russell terrier … Wikipedia
Life span: 13 to 16 years
Temperament: Stubborn, Intelligent, Athletic, Energetic, Fearless, Vocal
Colors: Black & White, White & Tan, Tri-color

Such good companions… But a dog, no matter how short their lifespan is… A dog is a commitment… So think about it, Do you have EVERYTHING your future dog needs?

I don’t have a dog and that’s what I have been thinking so… I think I am not yet ready for a dog… maybe soon…


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