How Blessed I am :3

So I had my birthday done =) and my family (relatives and others), decided to make a birthday party for Me, Nanay Kilay and the other birthday relatives, and as you guys know in my past post that I don’t like parties and I prefer watching TV with the family and eating popcorn stuff like that, but they thought of the party so I couldn’t stop that idea anymore…

We swam and had some fun and at the time we had to blow the candle everybody sang Happy Birthday (as usual), I looked around me while holding my Lola’s hand, everybody singing and clapping, all happy and having fun, I felt the warmth in me, even though this is not what I wanted, I looked at everyone’s happy faces I almost cried, but I didn’t  want to be too obvious so I blinked the tears away 🙂  it’s like I saw them in slow motion like in the movies…  I thank God for giving me such a happy birthday and of course my family who prepared this party. Thank you.

 me and Tita Jhonna

 In the pool >.<


And here are some instagram pictures I have taken…

PS. All these are found in the Philippines.and I just turned 13 ;D God Bless



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