Knowing how others feel…

To know how others feel is very easy, IF the person your trying to know is not a great actress 😉

You can know how others feel by their face, tone of voice, body language, etc.

😦  of course, this 😦 means sad, but what I mean by knowing how others feel I meant in another level…

Now this :-/either mean:

1) Well maybe I could give this a try.

2) (being teased at) trying to smile when she wants to cry. I had the same reaction when I was being teased.

3) She’s saying she’s okay when she’s really not.

4) PS. I couldn’t find a human picture with this face.

Warning: There are times when people want you to know how they feel and there are times when they don’t. So control your mouth.

There was one time when I scared my classmate and she screamed and the teacher got angry and one of her friend (my other classmate) told me “Your embarrassed right now, aren’t you?”, when she said that I wanted to shush her and tell her not to say that so loud, because she made me even more embarrassed and additionally guilty, but at least her friend said that it’s okay for scaring her.


But there was one time when I needed people to understand my feelings… Without making it sound so bad.

One time my friend was being teased and she did the sad smile, you know, like the one I showed you guys earlier

 like that.

and she ran to the toilet and cried (I knew she cried because I would cry myself), then I went to her and told her to stop crying and that I would cry too if I was treated that way… That time I used to feel lonely, but when I showed her that I understood her feelings, we became close friends 🙂

And another one. Since my dad knows me (a lot, i guess), he would tell me how I feel even though he was not supposed to know, like one time, the doctor said he had a dog so I said to my dad loudly “I want a dog!” hoping the doctor would hear and buy me one (since he is a doctor so he might be rich), yeah, me and my little schemes, but then as we left the hospital, my dad told me what I was trying to do but of course I denied. Oh and in Filipino they call it Nagpaparinig (means trying to let others hear you).

yup, just stick to that warning…

PS. If your feeling lonely and you want others to know how you feel, don’t forget the one who knows all… God.


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