I lend my pen to God <3

I haven’t written my love story yet and I don’t seem to know what to write, so I lent  my pen to the most Romantic writer ever, Jesus.

He doesn’t want anyone’s help, He wants our full trust. I’m just 13 and I know that talking about love may be out of hand, but hey, I’m reaching puberty 😀

I just read this book “When God writes your Love story” and it really helped me realize things about love, i realized that God wanted  to be part of it. As I was reading, there was a thing about chores and choices, that when obeying God is a chore that we are “forced” to do, it becomes a lifeless act of drudgery and we start to complain but we still do it because we know it is good. But when we know who God really is and we base our decisions out of  a passionate love for Him, we find joy and delight in obedience and that was what my Aunt kept telling me. It’s like when your parents ask you to do something, you growl and whine but you still do it cause you know the consequences if you don’t, but when your parents are out on a date for example, you start thinking about cleaning the house as a surprise to your parents (this happened when I was 12), and when my parents came home they were shocked (in a good way), and I told them what I did, they were happy, I was happy, and it felt good (it says the same thing in the book.)

And don’t tell me this didn’t happen to you 😀

All I do now is wait…. haha God Bless ❤


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