Distracted by love?

I am writing this because I have a friend who is distracted by love, and I wanted to help her find her way out.

She usually puts her love first but what she doesn’t know that God is love and he is very romantic. Why not lend your pen to let God write your love story?

And love is not coincidence and maybe it’s not even love at all, especially if you don’t know the person… Satan is very smart. (not a compliment, its the truth).

Don’t let the devil use your desire for a husband against you today. Remind yourself that you worship the one true GOD, not the feeling of love. 1 John 4:16

We all should know that our heart is weak and fragile, and that we don’t only want a relationship but we want that relationship to be with us forever (commitment). So think that the next boy you’ll be dating is gonna be your husband. But if your young, then wait. And if you don’t want to get married yet, then wait.

How often do you catch yourself daydreaming about a guy? And on the other side, how bad does it hurt when you get rejected, how often do guys break your heart?

The answer to these questions will quickly show you how fragile your heart is. Dating is a game of giving pieces of your heart away and never getting them back. The more you date and become attached to people, the more of your heart you give away.

That is why this woman, and many others (including myself) have figured out the best way to save your whole heart for the man of your dreams is to wait. How do you wait? You give your whole entire heart to God and everything that goes with it. Tell God he can have it completely. He is the only one who really knows who your husband will ultimately be anyways, so why not wait for his discrection to give your heart out?
If you have brought everything under God’s control, then don’t think about another person, think about God.
And “Just because he is a man of God does not mean he is your man of God!”
You know girls, even the girls at church. See men by their looks mostly. But my crushes? Their ugly (no offense) but that’s when I look at their face LOL 😀 but when I look at their personality, their so handsome or beautiful in that case ;).
But  just because there is a guy who is a man of God and shows you attention does not mean that he is who the Lord intends you to be with.
(It ALSO said here in the blog that I’m gonna show you in the end) that we shouldn’t be searching for “the man” for us because the LORD ALREADY HAS HIM PICKED OUT!
I think that it is very important to understand that you can have guy friends… actually I highly encourage it, if you approach it in the right way. Meaning that you go into it with the thought that this guy is my brother in Christ and that I want to get to know him and encourage him, as I would to a brother
“A woman’s heart must be so lost in the Lord
that a man must pursue the Lord to find her!”
If you need more help check and most of what I have written here were from this blog: http://divinedatingforgirls.blogspot.com (not my blog, but have gotten good help from this blog, so I really recommend you guys to read from here)

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