I love blogging so much :D

I love love love! Blogging! It just helps me express my feelings that I want to let out :D, of course only the feelings I could write in public.

Blogging became my life. Sharing the word of God and how my life as a young teen is with Him.

And also I blog about my hobbies and families, like animals and pets, things happening around me…

Also, some of the things I write in this blog is sometimes a copy, like sharing what I have read and re-typing it here so you guys can see it too >.<

My dad’s father is a writer and a very good one indeed… I may have gotten my interest in writing from him 🙂

Usually when I blog I get bored easily and never continue… but when i started using wordpress, it became my interest to share what I have in mind.

I have told many times that I am an introvert, but when I get into blogging I turn into an extrovert talking and sharing a lot of things with my big mouth (or keyboard).  I would really be happy if my Grandfather could see this right now.

God Bless everyone!


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