Trust in the Lord :)

Yesterday in the church our Pastor said something that I will never forget… To trust in the Lord ❤

He said:

“I was about to buy my wife a gift, then the Lord told me to buy a gift for my other friend, I told him “I dont have enough money Lord, and I haven’t bought anything for my wife yet” I told, God told me the third time “Buy your friend a gift” So I went and bought my friend a man watch and gave it to him, at first he refused (of course) but I insisted so he accepted. Then the bell rang telling us to go back to our dorm since I was on a tour in Korea. When I rode the bus someone came to me and asked “Are you Pastor Jabez” and I replied “yes” then he handed out a gift and said “The Lord told me to give you this gift” as usual I was embarrassed to open the gift in front of him so I opened it immedietly when I reached my room, to my surprise, it was a watch, but not just one watch, but two…

Thank the Lord!


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