When I lent my pen to Jesus (My story in Wattpad) Part 2

I updated this right away cause you guys might get bored with chapter one 😛 I really hope you guys like it just one bit 🙂 Just continue reading, maybe you’ll find a good part…


Chapter 2

I ran upstairs went inside my bedroom wondering what I will do now. Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself 😉 Okay, so I’m Jessica Marter, I am 18 years old, I have a huge passion for reading and singing and I really love animals, I dislike cockroaches and centipedes, I have no religion but I do want a close relationship with Jesus and thats what a Christian is… it is very far from religion. But before we get lose to that topic I will continue talking about my life.

Oh and I am 5’4 (short I know) and my skin is tan in color, I weigh 114 pounds, I eat like a pig, people say I don’t look like a pig, but I do snort occasionally (only when I laugh or breathe using my nose). And my BFFL is Krissa Lane, we have so much in common that many people think were twins (Im talking about personality), She is 5’7, her skin is lighter than mine, I don’t know how much she weighs, but she eats like a pig and is skinnier than a stick. There’s nothing much to talk about my family, but I do have a sister, her name is Lenni Marter AKA “Cute but terrible”, I’m not joking. My mom and dad are typically normal moms and dads so nothing much.

I lay on my bed and picked up the book me and Krissa bought laying beside me, I know I already finished the book but it was that good! I just had to read it again. I read and read until I reached the part where Eric heard his church mates talking about what they would want in a girl. They said they wanted a girl who won’t easily get distracted and all that. Now thats what a real man should want! Usually guys would go for the easy girls and just get in their pants (yeah I know, Harsh). I continued to read until I read something that said there about respecting your future husband, and I thought ‘How could you respect a person you haven’t even seen or met yet’ I didn’t continue reading and closed the book for a moment. I kept wondering. How?

My phone vibrated in my pocket which shocked me a bit, I looked at the caller ID and it said ‘Unknown’ so I just answered it “Hello, who’s this?” I asked “Hey” a deep voice replied “Its John” his voice gave me the shivers “Oh hey Parker, I thought you wer- wait how did you get my number?” Even if  we were far I could still feel his cheeks go bright red “Uh.. umm… I-I asked the P-Pastor.” He replied stuttering, I laughed “Okay so what do you want?” I asked “Nothing, I just wanted to say hi” He said nervously “Oh hi then… hey, I was wondering if you could drop me to this mall, I really need to go shopping for clothes” I remembered my moms gift which was a coupon for clothes which has 70% discount and its expiring tomorrow. “Uhhh, I dont have a car.” He replied honestly. “Oh” I said kind of disappointed, Then I heard him chuckle “What?” I asked kind of irritated “I have a motor bike” My eyes widened, I really needed to go to the mall but not in… le Bike! “Uhh… I-I- I’ll pass” I stuttered “aww c’mon its gonna be fun!”

“Fine!” I said sounding beaten “Okay I’m waiting outside” whoa that fast? It’s almost like he planned this, I ended the call and ran downstairs and opened the door “Wow! Your fast, do you live next door? come in.” he entered “Well yeah I do… So your going in that?” He looked at me still in my pajamas, I went super red right now. “Its okay I could wait” he said smiling I smiled back and quickly ran upstairs and changed my clothes then went back down. “Mom! Dad! Im going with my church mate Parker to go shopping! K. bye!” We both went outside, I stopped when I saw the bike, my heart went super fast, John noticed “Its gonna be okay…” I nodded and put the helmet on “Safety first!” he said as I held him close to me and layed my head on his back, even without looking I could feel him smirking. uggh! He’s going to pay for this, but no, I’m not really the revenge type of girl.”

We finally reached the mall, I didn’t know I was holding my breath “You could let go of me now” he said laughing “its not funny” I said letting go, I went inside the mall and went inside Forever 21, John followed me “Do you hear that?” I asked smirking

“hear what?”

“This purple dress calling my name” I tip toed to reach it but it was too high, John rolled his eyes and picked up the dress with ease, I gave his a sarcastic smile “Your welcome” he said with a british accent and bowed, I rolled my eyes and went to the counter and bought the dress ” So wanna eat yogurt?” I asked him and opened my wallet to see if I have enough money left, well there was nothing, I just zipped it with a worried look on my face. “You don’t have money do you?” My eyes widened, can he read my mind? He laughed “Its okay, I got some money here”

“Well you do owe me for letting me ride in a bike, but Thanks Parker”

“Please, call me John”

“Okay… John” I gave him a smile.

“soo.. do you like reading?” he handed me the yogurt

“Well that was a random question, but yeah” I took a spoonful of yogurt in my mouth

“Great! Cause I just saw a book store and I hope you won’t min-”

“I don’t mind” He looked down to me and smiled

We entered the book store and I spotted the book I bought with Krissa 1 week ago “Hey John? Have you read this book called When God writes your love story?” I asked “No, but it looks good.” He said “It is a very nice book, it is about two friends who lent their pen to Jesus so he could write their love story and they put all their trust in him, but there are times when they get frustrated cause of them being single, but both of them were able to control it by prayer, Eric wrote a letter to his wife not even knowing her yet, and when they finally got married he gave her the letters on their honeymoon…” So thats what it means by repecting your future wife/husband without knowing them yet… So If you go out with someone and turns out they weren’t the one, you weren’t able to respect your future wife/husband but only make them jealous… “Before that, Eric and Leslie thought they were too close and that they must have been betraying their future mate, but when Eric explained to Leslie’s parents that they needed time apart, the father told him that he gave Eric the permission to take Leslie’s hand, Eric was shocked but Leslie’s father told him that they have been praying and that the Lord told them that Eric was the one… And because they put their whole trust to Jesus and waited for I guess a long time, they finally got married” I smiled at how wonderful the story was and looked up at John who was amazed at the story “Woah… Im speechless” He honestly said “Well if my future wife sees me with you, she will be jelly” We both laughed

“Well then, I guess I have to buy the book, I really want to know more” John stared at the book debating on wether he will buy it or not.

“Dont worry about buying it, I have the book, I could lend it to you”

“Great, then this means I should bring you home now, its getting really late” he looked at his watch


I rode his bike and reached home “Thanks Parker, I mean, John.” he laughed “I had fun with you too” he bowed and i did the curtsy “Good night” I said as I closed the door then remembered “the book!”

I ran upstairs, grabbed the book from my hands and ran back down and when I opened the door, John was gone, I got really frustrated. but I could lend it to him in church…


I hoped you like that… Do you think John and Jessica will be one? Or will they stay as friends?


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