When I lent my pen to Jesus (Story I made in Wattpad)

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This is my first story, it is a Christian love story for people of all ages 🙂 Hope you like.

The Cover I took for the book 🙂

When I lent my pen to Jesus


Chapter 1

I ran to this Christian book store with my friend Krissa “I really want that book! Please!” I begged like a kid asking for candies “Okay okay, but I’m not sure if we could be able to find it here” she said “what makes you think that?” I asked while strolling around searching for the book “Well you just saw that book in pinterest but if the book was ment for us, let it be” I smiled at her and turned to reach this book entitled ‘When God writes you Love Story’ by Eric and Leslie Ludy “Why don’t we buy this book instead?” She turned to me “Is that the one you wanted?” she asked just making sure “Well not the one I was expecting but I have a good feeling about this” I said while observing the book “Are you sure Jessica Marter?” She looked at me waiting for the answer “Yes!” she held the book in her hands and looked at the price “Its only a few dollars, we could afford this” I jumped up and down “You are the best, Best friend ever!” I hugged her and she gave me the money to buy the book and left the store.

After 5 days I finally finished the book, it was great, and that was when I understood what love was…

I texted Krissa “Are you ready for church?” she texted back almost immediately “Yup! Im at your house now :D” I put the phone in my pocket and looked outside, she smiled and waved, I waved back of course, this has turned into our daily routine every Friday. Krissa has been my neighbor ever since and became Best Friends for life or what we call BFFL and since we found out we were both Christians we have never been so close to each other. I came downstairs and grabbed my Bible “hey there Alligator” This has been my nickname for her and of course she gave me my own nickname “Hey Crocodile” we both hugged each other “You know you owe me a pizza” She smirked “Yeah yeah!” I said rolling my eyes “Come on or we might get late” We both walked a little faster like running walking! We always make up crazy things. We also have a lot in common like singing, and sometimes when we say stuff like “You know..” and we both start turning it into a tune like “You know (3x)” the Jason Mraz song, haha!

When we reached the church we saw this new guy entering “Woah, he cute” said Krissa giggling “Yeah yeah” I said rolling my eyes, “And he came to church, that means he’s Christian!” She said nudging me “Yeah but just because he’s a man of God doesn’t mean he’s your man of God” I said, she looked at me shocked “Wow, this is the first time you said something meaningful, that book really got into you, but your right” she said laughing loudly causing some people to stare at us. I joined her cause it was quite funny being all serious and stuff then her eyes widened as she squeezed my hand “He’s coming here” Krissa whispered, I turned around to see him so close to me “Umm, excuse me” I said with a shocked look on my face, He’s quite tall, he has dark brown hair and the sun just… wows his dark brown eyes! I was about to walk away until I felt someone grab my wrist “I just wanted to ask you if you could introduce me to the church…I’m John Parker” reaching out to shake my hand “I’m Jessica and this is my friend Kriss” we shook hands  introduced him to the church, it took quite some time but there’s always an end… later at the ceremony our Pastor came up the stage “So I guess everyone knows the new comer John Parker” His name lit up on the projector screen everyone said hello and we did the usuals, singing,dancing,listening,praising,praying, etc. after church me and Krissa said our goodbye’s to our church mates and said our goodbye’s to each other since Krissa had to go to her cousins house for some random reasons “See you later Alligator” I said waving to Krissa “In a while Crocodile” she said waving back, the usual.

I was walking about to go to a candy store, until I had this feeling of being followed, I paused not moving then I turned around to see who’s there and it was John, I gave a sigh of relief “Oh hello there Parker, I thought you were some creeper following me, you weren’t following me were you?” His face turned bright red, I let out a little laugh “Im just playing with you, so what do you think of church?” I asked as we  continued walking “It was fun, I usually thought it was gonna be boring” he said “You sound like its your first time going to a church, what gave you the thought to visit?” He paused. I stop to look at him and his eyes were teary, I had a feeling he didn’t want to talk about it but I just had to ask “Whats wrong?” I was worried okay? I like knowing stuff. “My parents died in a car crash. And I wanted to move on so I…” He trailed off “Oh Im sorry I didn’t mean to go to this subject, if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m okay.” He wiped off his tears and gave me a sad smile. We continued walking then reached home, I totally forgot the candy store. “See you in church, if your gonna come, are you?” He smirked “Yeah I am, something tells me your gonna miss me” I blushed “Im just playing with you” he mimicked in a high tone “Hey! Thats not how I sound like” I playfully punched him on the shoulders “ow! ow! Okay!” I laughed “Bye already!” I said “See you!” I smiled and closed the door. Something tells me we are gonna be good friends.


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