A Little Weird Friendship. Chapter one

I opened my eyes to find myself in a factory full of chocolate and sweets, I saw a man with a few kids following him from behind “Ahh well I see we have a new comer” The man said looking at me stretching his hands out to help me up, “No thanks” I said and stood up “Wait aren’t you Johnny Depp?” I asked, smirking “Well no, but that doesnt matter sweetheart.” He said in a Southern American accent “Then who are you? Haymitch from Hunger games?” I was being sarcastic “Well actually yes dear, I am Haymitch, and you are about to go to your battle area” “In a chocolate factory. How creative!” Note the sarcasm “Lou! Lou! Don’t sleep in classes!”

“Huh?” whoa Im very confused now.

I woke up to find goblins looking at me. I blinked a few times and saw that I had just caught all the attention of my classmates, talk about embarrassing.

“Miss Lou! I will have to give you detention for sleeping in class!” First day and already found my butt up to detention.

“Well its her fault that she wasn’t able to entertain the class” I muttered


“Nothing uh… Miss…”

“Mhm, I have a feeling that you slept before I even said my name, *sigh I am Miss Marigold your English teacher”

I nodded. “Now Miss Lou, I would like you to get your book and turn to page 45 and read the story of The Frog Prince” Now I won’t lie, but I really do love reading, so I stood up and took the book and read out loud.

“So! What was the moral of the story?”

The Hoody guy raised his hands “Keep your promises” His deep voice just gave me the goose bumps, weird.

“Very good Mr. Lance” So thats his name… Lance.

“Do you mind, but Jackets are not aloud in the classroom” Lance didn’t make a single movement he just wrote something down on a paper

“If you do not remove that jacket immedietly I would have to put you up to detention” What?! A simple jacket then detention! Uggh.

“First day and I already got two students to detention, hmm.”

RING! The bell rang.

“Class Dissmissed, and you two, come with me”

When we reached the Detention area (never had detention before so I dont know what its called) my face went bright red knowing the me and Lance were the only students in this place. Now thats a strict teacher.

“Excuse me but I have a meeting to go through, you know the rules!” She narrowed her eyes at me and hoody guy (I like calling him that).

“How will we get out?!” Jackie said, Yeah she just pops up whenever she wants. “Well I dont know how? Do you have any plans?” I turned to see Lance looking at me with a confused look on his face “Uhh, am I crazy or are you talking to yourself?” uggh! Do all people think of me like that?

“Well first of all I am not crazy, I just have a huge imagination and two Mind. Your Own. Business!”

Then he just took a paper out of his bag and wrote stuff, I dont know. I got really curious and tried to see what he was doing, he then removed his hoody and looked at me with a smirk on his face “Well look who’s minding their own business now” My eyes widened and my face went bright red. His face, his eyes, his hair, WOW! The color of his eyes were green, quite rare and his hair was, I dont know how to explain… normal? But all in all, he looked, well Gorgeous! “You know its rude to stare”  I didn’t know I was staring. I looked down to see what he was doing and to my surprise he was drew me, the whole time. “I- uh, I didnt know you knew how t-to draw” I stuttered “W-well now y-you do” He mocked me with a girly tune “I dont sound like that!” I gave him a playful punch on the shoulder and laughed “Okay I surrender!” He put his hands on his head smiling. Then there was this awkward silence I really wanted to break. “Well you detention is over” Miss Marigold came quickly and opened the door. I gave a sigh of relief, grabbed my bags and ran to the door “Well that was… awkward” Jackie said popping next to me “You dont say” I laughed and playfully punched her in the face “Ow!” she said rubbing her face and smiling, I smiled “Well you look happy getting out from detention” I looked at her confused “You in love!” She said in a sing song voice “No! I dont”

“Really? Well Im your “imagination”, so I know every single thing your feeling right now.”

I rolled my eyes, took my bike and strolled home.


This is gonna be short since I didn’t have much in mind 🙂 So is it Greig? or Lance?


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