My Little Weird Friendship. Chapter 3

Well this is new since this is my first POV of Greig. Hope you like! ❤


Greigs POV.

As Lou opened the door I saw her face full of dried tears and her nose was red “What happened?” I asked Lou “I dont want to talk about it, I just want you here” her words made me blush, she wanted me there for her, but I hate to see her like this, all sad and not like the real Lou who’s all annoying and funny. I followed her to her room and gave her a hug, as shivers ran down my spine, why am I like this? I wanted to stay like that for as long as I can, but I pushed back to look at her eyes, her wonderful brown eyes, she gave me a weak smile and I smiled back. I wanted to tell her that someone loves her and that someone is always there for her, He was there before we were even born, He died for our sins, then I remembered being like her without nobody there for me or at least I thought so and I remembered remembering about my Grandmom telling me to talk to God, to tell him what I was feeling right now and to ask for forgivness and I remembered praying in the night after what my Grandmom said, then something good happened, I felt the warmth inside I knew He was there for me and always has been, I remembered asking my Grandmom if I could join her for church, she gave me the biggest most happiest smile ever and remembered it was the happiest day of my 7 years, yes I was 7 years old, The flashback ended and I turned to look at Lou who was already fast asleep “I will tell you someday Lou…” I whispered and a tear trickled down my face.

Lou’s POV.

I woke up to find me sleeping in Greigs arms, normally I would gag but he came here for me and I couldn’t help but smile and look at him, I wonder why guys looks so cute when they sleep, I mean his face is just, WOW, no wonder why he gets the girls. “Did your mom ever tell you that its rude to stare” Greig smirked I jumped out from his arms and put my hands on my chest “Greig! You scared me!” he rolled my eyes and laughed “So would you mind telling me why you cried the other day?” I sighed “My parents were shouting and fighting at each other because of me. Now I think being born was a mist-” before I could continue Greig shouted at me “You are not a mistake! You are my best friend! Dont ever say that again!” I was breathing heavily, shocked at what he just said “Im s-sorry Lou, its just that I dont like seeing you abusing yourself.” He hugged me and I hugged him back, still shocked. “Uh- Lou, Do you want to come with me to church?” Again with the church thing, he’s been asking me about going to church with him, but its worth to give it a try, right? “Im sure you wont regret it” He said smiling, this time, it wasnt a smirk like always, but a smile a real one, I mean he smiled before dont get me wrong, but this one just felt real and I liked it. then I started having this tingly sensation, weird. “You better smile like that more often” I said “It suits you” He smiled again and I blushed “So your going?” He asks again, I turned to look at Jackie who is always there when I need her and she just gave me a nod and said “Its worth to give it a try” I looked back at Greig “Jackie is the one who told me to go, its not me” He rolled his eyes “So your going?” He asked “Yes” I groaned jokingly and smiled.


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