When I lent my pen to Jesus. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up and found myself sleeping in the couch with the book in my hands. I smiled, it’s nice to find someone who found true love when I thought they were only found in fairy tales. Buzz. My vibrated but it didn’t come from my pocket, when I looked to my side, “Ouch!” too late. the phone fell down from the top of the sofa to my nose, you don’t know how much that hurts! My eyes are already filled with tears. I would kill that phone if it was alive! I unlocked my phone and found a text from John.

I almost forgot the book! See you in the church πŸ˜‰ – John

Today is what? Sunday? Monday? πŸ˜€ – Jess. (Crocodile)

It’s Thursday. Why? – John

Barnacles! The day passes by too quickly…

No reasons – Jess. (Crocodile)

I closed my phone, then it vibrated again, but it wasn’t John this time.

Hey! Wanna watch a movie! I miss you! – Alligator. (Krissa)

Yes Please! I miss you too! When is it? xoxo – Jess. (Crocodile)

Today? – Alligator (Krissa)

Okay! Im getting ready. Wanna invite John? πŸ™‚ – Jess. (Crocodile)

Why not πŸ˜‰ – Alligator (Krissa)

I texted John about the movie stuff, he said “Sure!”.

I ran upstairs and got dressed. It didn’t take long cause I hate make-up and Im just going to my friends house. I opened the door to find John about to ring the door bell. I laughed “John, were gonna watch the movie in Krissa’s house”Β  “I know. I just dont know where Krissa’s house is” He gave me a shy smile and scratched his neck “Well at least I have someone to talk with on the way”.

We reached Krissa’s house and rang the doorbell DING DONG. Krissa opened the door with her pajamas. “I missed you guys!!” She screeched as she gave us a hug. I looked at John and he gave me a I-Don’t-Know-Whats-Going-On Face. We all laughed and went inside. The smell of popcorn and barbecue filled the room, it smelled like home. I always considered her house as home. I gave a sigh of contentment and sat on the sofa with the popcorn on my hands. The bright light of the sun through the window pierced my eyes, Krissa noticed my face and snickered as she reached her way to close the curtains “Thats much better” Krissa said as she walked and sat between me and John “Sooo… Whatcha guys wanna watch?” Krissa asked in an awkward tone, “What about a Christian movie?” She looked at both of as me and John nodded in agreement, I smiled as John is now agreeing to watch a Christian movie. not that its weird or anything. “How about Courageous?” I suggested “Great!!” Krissa agreed “Uh.. Whats that movie about?” John asked “Well, its about Christian fathers. why dont we watch the movie and find out?”

At the end of the movie we all had dried tears from laughing and crying “I like the part where the father gave the ring to his daughter to show how much he cared and protects for her and that this will be replaced by the ring her future husband will give” Krissa said wiping the tears from her eyes “And I loved the part where Javi was being extremely funny and acting like a gangstah!” We all laughed then sighed “This was really fun, I would never regret this” John said, me and Krissa gave him an “Awe!”


Sorry I had to skip this one, my sister wanted me to sleep beside her, spoiled! πŸ˜€ Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.


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