Are there Animals in Heaven?

(Genesis 2:7) Animals have the same “breath of life” as do humans

I believe that there are animals in heaven, I’m just not sure If I will be reunited with my rabbit Maggie 😦

Animals breathe, they have feelings, they feel.

 Lorikeet ❤

Birds are one of my favorite animals, they are very special to me. The Lord made them so very unique.

Here’s a short poem/rhyme I made for birds:

Some  birds can talk and some birds can sing. Some birds are small and some with long wings. Some can fly and some can run. Some are dull and some are fun. Don’t you think their so unique? Very special, God’s masterpiece.

– Mary Pacis


Animals are very good helpers too, very good therapists 🙂 They help the blind who can’t see and make the sad, smile happily (In the mood to rhyme).

I am desperate to have a pet bird right now 😀 What do you think?




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