Wanna be.

When I was young, I used to want to be goth. the emotionless people. who wears black. and has weird hairstyles. etc. Yes I looked weird and pretended I didn’t like the color peach because it was so close to pink. uhuh.

I do not own this picture. this is just an example.

Yeah. I wanted to fit in and be cool. Guess what? It didn’t work. I just wanted to scream the real me so bad! When I reached grade 5, I started acting normal, I met one of my classmate who wanted to look goth too, trust me it didn’t look good. I just ignored the wanna be’s, I was kind of guilty for ignoring them and judging them based on their attitude on wanting to be someone else who they’re not.

Now I found, that I still dont like make up, but I like using powder as my eye shadow and using shiny lip gloss 😀

I found out that I like Christian rock music, talking to myself in the mirror, singing, reading and writing, I still love animals, I like being simple and I hate over exaggerated things, and that I love cleaning big houses that are not mine… and I am an introvert, and extremely weird, and I stutter when I try to make myself look smart. yup.

I am still a wanna be though. I wanna be kinder around people, I wanna be more confident, I wanna be smart. But I found out that the girl I wanna be has always been me. Jesus made me special, and I am so glad He did 🙂

I wanted to share this song. I will be posting this in a seperate post, but just to be sure u see it :



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