When I lent my pen to Jesus. Chapter 4

Heyoo… I have nothing to say so just scroll down and enjoy 😀 Oh and in the first chapter I thought that shrugged ment flinched so yeah… my mistake 😀


Yesterday was so fun! Its nice to know that your best friend gets along pretty well with your other friends.

RING RING.  My phone rang. I wonder who could that be. I picked up my phone and checked the ID, its John. I smiled to myself and answered the phone.

“Hey” his deep voice made me shiver. He sounded like he just woke up.

“Heeey” I replied, my ‘hey’ came out longer than I expected.

“Uh… I have something to tell you” He said. uggh! I hate those words, it usually means ‘I have bad news’.

“oookaay. Spill it.”

“Uh- I- I wont be staying here in California. My Grandma she…” He trailed off then started sobbing

“Oh… Do you want me to come over there?” Hearing him cry made me want to hug him so badly. I hope he says yes.

“Okay…” He said still sobbing.

I changed to my ‘going clothes’ and grabbed my stuffs, I then remembered the book I was supposed to bring and brought it with me and finally walked to his house. I knocked on the door and he opened it.

“I was worried you didn’t know my address” He said smiling sadly, his face all red from crying, I tried to fight the urge to hug him but I failed. I ran straight to his arms and hugged him tightly, he sighed and hugged me back, it felt like forever till we let go, I almost forgot we were still outside “Lets go inside, its kind of cold in here” He said and I just smiled and nodded.

I sat in his sofa and remembered the book “Oh yeah! I almost forgot to give you this” I handed the book to him and he smiled and said “Thank you.” I nodded and rested my back “Sooo, when are you leaving and most importantly where?” I asked, he placed the book on the table and sat down with me “Im leaving the day after tomorrow… and were going to Australia, cause Im half Australian” so that explains the cute accent, well its not that noticable but now I see the difference. “Nice! So that explains your accent. Wait till Krissa hears this…” We just kept talking and babbling about nothing and etc.

“Oh and dont forget church tomorrow! I better tell Krissa about this.”

I walked to the door and he opened it for me

“Yeah I wont forget!” his voice started fading and I waved him goodbye.


Its short I know. but I found pictures to describe the characters.

Here is Jessica Marter

Here is Krissa Lane

and here is John Parker


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