OMG! Schools near!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Schools back! I don’t know if I should panic, scream, be happy, or what? Since this vacation was pretty much boring when we left the Philippines 😦

But now since school is back, I don’t know what will happen exactly! and you all know I love to write doesn’t mean I like using pencils and write down notes, I dont do that, in fact I have a really bad hand writing. And just because I like reading doesn’t mean I like reading, you know, school books like english or what so ever.

 Oh and Im a Sophomore people, you know what that means? Im in 2nd year high school. The Philippine curriculum decided they should copy the British curriculum and all of us would go to college on the age of 18, but, I skipped that so… Im going to college on the age of 16! And I still don’t know wether I should be happy or not, cause I might be missing out a lot 🙂 (LOL that rhymes!).

Anyways, I was thinking on what I should do in school or what should change, like… Hmm.. No more internet 😡

My parents decided since I use the internet so much, they decided I should only use the internet in weekends, that means Thursdays and Fridays (Excuse me for the strictness but were Asians) 😀

And… uhh… No more Procrastinating? Yes, I procrastinate a lot since most of our home  works are hard and all. What we do is, we just go to school, borrow the home work of the most intelligent Asian and copy it (no kidding), but the teacher usually catches us so I don’t do that anymore (but it doesn’t mean I can’t… okay fine!).

What else… no make up! I don’t really wear make up cause one it destroys my face and two, its annoyingly itchy! So yeah, 3 words, I. Hate. Make. Up!

Ooh! And Make friends! I usually have lots of friends with a CLICK! if you know what I mean, CLICK (People with the same interest as you, I guess), I’m not Wikipedia, so don’t blame me for my bad english 😀

But you know the saying Opposites Attract, so its okay if your best friends with a person who is completely different from you!  Like the one I read in watypad (yes wattpad), the one where the nerd and the jock are two best friends, they fell in love in the end, like all Opposites Attract stories :D.

I actually really like school, its usually in the 4rth grading where I start wishing it was our Vacation already since the 4rth grading is like, the final examination and I start panicking on that level….

And no, my high school is not that bad, it was actually great! I hope you guys have lots of fun, cause thats usually what I expect in most schools! Or else, your life sucks! Haha just kidding :P.

God Bless!!!!! And remember, Have hope when life hurts the most… not really a quote (or maybe it is) but really…





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