Wattpad ADDICT! <3


I swear if you love reading books, this is the best website for you! I have been using this all day and my family (honestly) do not like it, since I have it uploaded on my phone (yes its an app too) I use it like every time I wake up, and trust me I believe its not good too (the addiction) but the site is totally the best!

But anyways, I was banned from the internet due to excessive usage :D, but I still get to use it when I have no school, so don’t worry πŸ˜‰

Oh and here’s the link to my old post “Addicted much?”


(Just copy and paste it).


I also finished reading “Friendships for dummies” its a story written on wattpad and trust me it is the BEST story ever!! Oh and my account on wattpad is: grow_in_Christ.

I have written two stories which I post in here too.

“When I lent my pen to Jesus” and “A Little Weird Friendship”.


PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! ❀ And no I didnt forget πŸ˜›



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