I remember ~<3

I decided to write some of the things I remembered in the past :)1) I remember sleeping under my moms desk in her work and two young boys asking my mom if they could play with me (I don’t know where they are now though).

2) I remember talking to myself in the mirror, making faces and all (I still do that). [6-13 years old]

3) I remember playing hide and seek with my older cousins, we hid inside my Tita’s (Aunt’s) cabinet and I climbed on the shelf (In the cabinet), but I was too heavy and the cabinet broke (My Aunt doesn’t know who broke it until now). [5/6 years old]

 I remember this movie too! ❤

4) I remember not knowing I was Asian 😀 [1 day old – 11 years old]

5) I remember having a pet hamster that bit me and I got so angry that I squished it that its eyes almost popped out, then I started crying because it was in pain. 😦 (I was young okay? I still regret squeezing it) [6 years old]

6) I remember telling my friends the story of the hamster and they laughed like there was no tomorrow. [13 year old]

7) I remember punching my best friend in the stomach because she kept calling me parrot, I then realized what I had done and felt guilty :/ [6 years old]

8) I remember me and my best friends fought with our other best friend and my best guy friend decided we say sorry to her, but we didn’t agree, he ended up going by himself and she turned around and shouted at him, me and my best friend (who didn’t agree) chuckled because it was such a funny sight. [6 years old]

9) I remember waking up from my sleep and when I saw my mom I decided to fake sleep, but I ended up sleeping all day! [7 years old]

10) I remember my dream about drowning and woke up holding my breath 😀 [11 years old]

11) I remember pushing a girl because she was holding my best friends hand, and my best friend got angry at me because of my jealousy [6 years old]

12) I remember singing in front of the whole school (TPS) and embarrassed myself, urggh! [11 years old]

 dont tell me you didn’t remember these guys 😀

13) I remember going to a swing and a gang told me to ‘back off’ since it was their swing, I didn’t talk back cause they were more than me, unfair! [10 years old]

14) I remember closing the car door and my thumb got stuck in it and my dad locked it and I was screaming, my dad didn’t hear until he looked at me and saw my face, he opened the door to see my thumb bleeding and we rushed to the hospital, but luckily it was just a minor accident, I STILL HAVE A THUMB!

15) I  remember crying in school cause I didn’t know how to dance, but my nice classmates comforted me and convinced me to dance again [12 years old]

16) I remember holding a sand bucket (the ones the make sand castles) and pretending its a candle holder (like the one in repunzel).

17) I remember being called a rabbit because of my big ears [6 years old]


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