Self Consciousness

Wiki time:

Self-consciousness is an acute sense of self-awareness. It is a preoccupation with oneself, as opposed to the philosophical state of self-awareness, which is the awareness that one exists as an individual being; although some writers use both terms interchangeably or synonymously.[1] An unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness may occur when one realizes that one is being watched or observed, the feeling that “everyone is looking” at oneself. Some people are habitually more self-conscious than others.


Picture taken from Google.

Usually I feel self conscious when I see someone who is good looking, I get all jealous or something like that, trust me you won’t like the feeling.

It’s also the same when I look at someone’s blog which is much more successful than mine. I suddenly feel bad and I ask myself “Does my blog even have meaning at all?”.

And thats where it all starts. Being Self Conscious is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you see it. But obsessing over our shortcomings inevitably traps us in embarrassment and shame.

Sometimes Self Consciousness could lead to bad endings. Like if I was so Self Conscious about my tummy (this is only an example) because it looks fat and all, I start going on diets, going to gyms, working out and ignoring my food, suddenly this became a habit and I start going thin and pale but I still have this Self Consciousness thing in me, and I continue to restrict food because I am afraid to gain weight. Not very pleasant isn’t it?

The sickness is commonly called “Anorexia Nervosa”

Wiki Time:

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception.

Just remember, God made you special and unique, so don’t worry about how other people think of you. Just be yourself.

And if you don’t know if your being yourself then try this, if you come home from school and your happy, then you were being yourself and if vise versa then you are completely not you.


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