When I lent my pen to Jesus. Chapter 5 (Wattpad)

John’s P.O.V (its about time)

Why of all the things, why my Grandma? My  parents died already, my Grandma was all I had and it just had to be her that leaves. Don’t get me started, I used to consider my Grandma religious, she kept telling me with her soft voice “Johnny, Johnny, it is not religion, it is my relationship with Jesus.”. She’s the one who told me to go to church, she knew I was going on a rough state, but I followed her anyways, and for the first time I didn’t regret it. But, she died… Is this a punishment from God? I don’t know. I sat down and looked at the book Jessica gave me and smiled to myself, it’s nice to know someone cares. I picked up the book and read it until I drifted off to sleep.

Can you hear the sound of melodies, Oh, the sound of melodies

Rising up to you, rising up to you God.

The song ‘Sound of Melodies’ came rushing to my ears, my new ring tone, I looked at the time, 8:00 am, who would call this early? I picked up my phone and looked at the Caller’s ID, Jessica, I pressed answer and put the phone to my ears “You know I’m not a morning person” I said blankly, I heard a laugh that gave me goose bumps, I like her laugh, its so lively and… I don’t know I just like it “Get ready for church, don’t tell me you forgot” Oh! Church! I totally forgot about that “Uh, no I didn’t forget what makes you think that” I stuttered, she laughed again, I can ‘see’ her rolling her eyes through the phone “Ha-ha okay just get dressed, see you later!” and she hung up. This is gonna be exciting. And this time, I’m not sarcastic about it….


Sorry it is short, I have school tomorrow and I have to sleep early. Bye guys!


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