My Lazy Butt.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written for months, or so I thought. And F.Y.I it was not because of my “Lazy Butt”, but because of my ‘intricate’ school, yes, school.

Anyways, I won’t be able to continue the story (When I lent my pen to Jesus) for a while since I am not in the mood to write, not just yet!

Ohhh! And Ark is doing very fine, thought of bringing him up to this conversation. If you don’t know who Ark is, well, he is my pet bird. And to say honestly, it isn’t going as good as I was expecting, I figured I have to be as patient as I thought I would, guess I wasn’t patient enough, but I am willing :). It may take months or so I have heard, so I would really care for some suggestions! :3.

PS. He ate from my hands! A good start ey? Yeah! I’m afraid he might have fatty liver disease though, since the pet shop has been feeding him seeds for like eternity, so I also have to deal with that. Wish me luck! I mean, Pray for me!! 😀


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