I think Graffiti is Art.


I consider Graffiti as an art… Most people (as so I have noticed) only care about the area of where the art is created. Most people also think of it as a crime.

But I am here to support and object. First of all:

This is not art... This is not art, but vandalism…

Yes, posting random things on walls is nothing but vandalizing….. But…..

 This is art…

I am not so big on words and I find it hard to explain, so I borrowed some pictures from google to show you what I mean.

Some Graffiti’s are very breath taking and… just wow. Which makes me wonder why some people bring these artists to jail or something just for “vandalizing” their property… But I do have to agree (some what), because some times they just go to places (ex. my house) and just randomly do their work without permission of some sort, and yes when I find out, I would be quite angry, but not enough anger to bring them to the jail! Especially if their work is good…


See? Breath Taking!!


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