When I lent my pen to Jesus. Chapter 6. (Wattpad)

When I lent my pen to Jesus book.

All my needs you have supplied. When I was dead, you gave me life.

How could I not, give it away so freely.
And I’ll, I’ll follow into the homes of the broken. I’ll follow you into the world.
I’ll meet the needs for the poor and the needy God, I’ll follow you into the world.

(Follow you-Leeland)


Jessica’s POV

Buzz Buzz. My phone vibrated. I reached to my pocket and answered the phone. “Hey Crocodile!!” I seperated my ears from Krissa’s squeals “Uggh Kriss! My ears are bleeding!” I complained “Sorr’s , come down already!” I laughed, she is always so excited to go to church, I don’t blame her though, going to church is like going home “Okay okay Im going down…” I took a peek at her through the window, John was with her, I saw her look at me and raise her eyebrows, hands on hips and shouts “Tick Tock Tick Tock!” I rolled my eyes at her impatience and ran downstairs.

“John, what are you doing here?” I asked “Gee, nice to see you too Jess.” I suddenly felt a bit guilty asking him that “Ha-ha! so you guys ready?” I glanced at Kriss and she rolled her eyes, smiling “DUH!”

We entered the church and took our seat, I looked at John who was smiling warmly at everyone whilst shaking their hands and greeting them, I smiled at how adaptable he is, I mean, he just lost his family, it might be hard for him to get over it, but I pray that this will help him know that there is someone out there taking care of the people he loves. He looked around until his eyes landed on me, he smirked and walked walked at my direction inviting me for a hug, I rolled my eyes and snorted “Feels good Jess, I feel the ‘love’!” He said sarcastically “yeah yeah”

“Okay I would like everyone to bow down their heads as I lead the opening prayer” Pastor Louie said, I closed my eyes and put myself in the prescence of God, “Dear Lord, you know we all have our conflicts, and we know that you will help us through our conflicts, I know that you will be with us through thick and thin, I have never felt this much fear Lord, for no one has ever sacrificed and loved me unlike you did, God you ROCK!” I laughed at this part, he never failed to make us laugh, “Lord, God thank you for bringing us safely here, I know this is no coincidence coming here Lord, please let us learn more about you Lord and don’t let the devil take place, In Jesus name, Lord, In Jesus name we pray Amen and Amen.”

Pastor Louie talked about hope when life hurts most [Its there in youtube- Louie Giglio, hope, or go to my blog yeararoundmylife.wordpress.com].  It was the perfect thing to talk about because this is what John was going through, he is hurting, he has a problem but not just any problem, its the ‘is there even really a God?’ type of problem or so what Louie said, I looked at John, he looked at me and gave me a sad smile, I squeezed his hands and looked at Krissa who was sitting next to me, she sobbed and wiped her eyes dramatically, I rolled my eyes at her, she is such a drama queen, but who could blame her?

The church ended and we walked home “So how’d it go?” I asked John, Krissa turned to him curiously  “Wow… this… he…” he took a deep breath “My prayers were answered” tears were now brimming from his eyes “But the thing that really got me deep was when he said ‘take heart'”, “take heart” he muttered the last part mostly to himself, Krissa ran up to him and hugged him, he sobbed on her shoulders, tears were forming in my eyes too, I hugged them “I don’t mean to be nosy, but I feel like a drama queen” I say trying to lighten up the atmosphere, they laughed, which I was greatful for.

We dropped Krissa home, and it was just me and John, we stopped in my front porch step “I read the book and it was… wow!” I blushed “yeah thats what I thought when I finished reading it too”
“I’ll miss you” he said randomly “I’ll miss you too” I gave him a hug which he happily gave back “Hope you find you bride to be” he laughed “You too… you too.” I looked randomly at my shoes and awkwardly  cleared my throat “Okay, uhh have a safe flight, when are you coming back?” his face turned sad suddenly “uhh… Im not sure… I have to take care of Jaquie, my Grandma used to take care of him, he’s 14 years old, not really old enough to take care of himself soo…” I looked down at my shoes again “oh, I understand… well, its nice meeting you John” I smiled half-heartedly, I hugged him one more time and kissed his cheek, his body went stiff, I tightened my grip and he hugged back, I dug my face in his chest, I didnt want him to see me cry, he hushed me and told me he’ll come back for me and Krissa, someday…

I couldn’t sleep that night. I remembered Louie’s words ‘Take heart’, “Take heart” I mumbled to myself and drifted to sleep…


Phew! How do you think Jess will deal with this? Oh and check out my blog http://www.yeararoundmylife.wordpress.com… My Wattpad account is “grow_in_Christ”

What Pastor Louie was preaching:



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