My Views on the Poem “In Love with a Star”

Shooting star…

Is it possible to fall in love with a star?

I’m beginning to doubt because its so very far, I try to reach at times but I gave up when I knew it wasn’t mine.

Do you think it is possible for it to love me back?

Reading minds is one power I think I kind of lack…

That’s why I just content myself with looking at it from a far.

Its better I just wait instead of  prying open it’s cold jar.

I know that star could never love me back, I could never bear to see it cry, or see it’s fragile heart crack.

Sometimes my heart and my brain have their little wars, but I will not budge because I am in love with a Star.

– Mary Pacis


I’m not really good at writing poems but I was star gazing (with myTelescope eyes 0_0) in my balcony and I saw this big star (I don’t know what its called) and I fell in love with it, and I wondered, is it possible to fall in love with a star? this was supposed to be a song, but I couldn’t seem to find a tune (I’ll ask my friends for help some time).

I know the reason to writing a poem is ‘for me to know, and for you to find out’ but I just can’t help it, so here’s how I see my poem…

 Anyways, I wrote this because I read a book about a girl in love with a man who doesn’t love her back… It just reminded me about stars in a very weird way, stars are very amazing to look at, they all have different colors,shapes, and sizes.
All in all, they are very unique (every single one of them), it is not at all surprising if you do have a favorite star which shines out the rest, but stars are very far away and you could say it is impossible to fall in love with one ’cause you could only get hurt (If you got too close to the star) that’s why ‘I just content myself with looking at it from a far’, The rest of the poem is describing a human, the line ‘prying open its cold jar’ means forcing the person to love you or to open up to you (even if they don’t want to), they might do it because they feel guilty that its not you they love.
‘Sometimes my heart and my brain have their little wars’ is a very obvious line, it meant that the ‘star’ or ‘person’ (indicated in the story) doesn’t know who to listen to, its brain or its heart, its brain says ‘you love him’ and its heart says ‘if you love him, let him go’, and thats the confusing part… But we all know the best answer. I wasn’t really star gazing when I thought of this poem though, but reading the book reminded me about star gazing and seeing a huge star (which turned out to be planet jupiter).
I hope you guys understood the meaning to this poem… Thanks for finding le time to read 😀

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