Book Worms!!

I love books!! SO MUCH! And since you already saw that, you could consider me as a book worm! ❤ Yeah… And unfortunately, I just read a few BOOKS as in the books with pages, now I’m using an app called watt pad which actually saves money from buying a lot of books… Anyways, as I have mentioned, I have read a few books and some of which I recommend (I’m writing this because I have nothing else to write)

Iv’e got your number – Sophie Kinsella

I have read this book in an airplane (Well I didn’t actually read it but hear it, so technically, its an audio book) and it was awesome! I was about half way to the book, but we had to get out of the airplane, such a bummer. But I wouldn’t want to keep all that awesomeness to myself would I?

Big Fat Liar – Wattpad (xxWhoAteMyCookiexx)

Big Fat Liar

(Still not completed)


Callie Picket,the-fat-girl-next-door has a big fat secret. Well, a secret she’s been successfully hiding from her oh so sexy apartment neighbor Chris Walker. In their first meeting, he mistakes her for a fat guy and she does nothing to correct him. “That awkward moment when the man you love doesn’t know you’re a woman” Very over-weight 22 year old girl Callie has a mega crush on her hunkie new apartment next door neighbor Chris …(age 24). The thing is, since Callie is so overweight, Chris mistakes her for a guy but she doesn’t tell him the truth because they’ve become buddies and she doesn’t want to lose that bond with him. Then Chris makes her start going to the gym to lose weight and as the pounds comes off, Chris begins to see these changes…like Callie starts to look more girly, and since he’s a total playboy and lady lover, he starts getting attracted to her while thinking that she’s still a “he”. Basically, he thinks he’s going gay. Will Callie ever tell him the truth as her lie begins to take its toll on both of them as she and very confused Chris becomes closer? Or will he be the first to finally see her for what she truly is? A Big Fat Liar.
When God writes your Love story – Eric and Leslie Ludy

When God writes your Love Story

 I fell in love with this book! It taught me a lot about love which unfortunately not a lot of people my age know… It is such an inspirational and blessing book, there are times when you get angry,happy,sad, and well pretty much all emotions… I would really recommend this book for singles or Ladies/Men in waiting.
Signs of Love: Love Match – Melody James

Signs of Love

This is a very good books, gives me goosebumps every time…
The path of true love never runs smoothly, and when Gemma is involved it can get exceedingly bumpy! For as long as thirteen-year-old Gemma Stone can remember she has dreamed of becoming an award-winning journalist. Unfortunately, as the youngest member of the Green Park High student e-zine editorial team, she’s given the job of writing the horoscopes, under the pen name ‘Jessica Jupiter’. Not knowing the first thing about astrology, Gemma decides to make the most of her unexpected situation by using her new position to play Cupid with her friends, writing fictional forecasts to help their romantic dreams come true. But is Gemma too busy with her friends’ love lives to notice signs of love closer to home?
Friendship for Dummies – Wattpad (Leigh_)
(Book Trailer)

Best Wattpad story EVAH!! Really heart warming and goose-bumpy 😀

There are gonna be more to come (and expect an update), but this is all I remember so far… Hope you guys check these out ^^


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