What I have learned about LOVE.

I might be young (as in young) to be talking about love, but I assure you, I know more about love than my classmates desperately whining to have a boyfriend, I mean seriously (no offense though).

Because God is Love.

Of course the first thing you need to know is… (From the story, Forever yours in watt pad)

God’s will.

Dad’s Blessing.

And the rest will come to place

Another thing I’ve read, was from a  blog, it says, “Just because he’s a man of God, doesn’t mean he’s YOUR man of God”.

I became interested in learning about love because, of course, I didn’t know what love is… Well duh, all of you already know the fatherly love, motherly love, etc. but what love I’m talking about now is the love as in love, love.

It started with a prayer (Don’t judge me on this, I was young, or at least desperate)

“Lord, I want to learn more about love, I know you have already found le one for me, but sometimes I feel all lonely… Please don’t make my loneliness a distraction”

that was my prayer, or somewhere along those lines… You see, sometimes you are too desperate to fall in love that it distracts you from Jesus. I remember going to church and dozing off imagining who I’ll be with when I grow up, and make up my own story of how we’ll meet and stuff, and I seem to forget that God has already made one, which is one of the reasons I wanted to learn more about love. As some of you know, I have written a story called “When I lent my pen to Jesus”, I was inspired to write that story after reading the book “When God writes your love story” [I recommend that book to every singles and couples out there].

I pity some teenagers my age, thinking they found the right person, etc, etc. but I pray that they will understand someday and that I will have the courage to talk to them about it.

I recommend you (ALL WATTPAD LOVERS) to read the story Forever Yours. Its a story about a Christian Girl and an Atheist boy (too lazy to say the rest). I hope you guys have time to read it. Oh and a Warning: Don’t make this a distraction (like for me), I’m too desperate, searching for books about love and stuff, when all of those are written in the bible, don’t forget that the bible is God’s words, God is love…


Christian Books I recommend you reading:

When God writes your Love Story
When I lent my pen to Jesus (Wattpad)
Truth Unplugged
Saving my First Kiss
Forever Yours (Wattpad)


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