Important News!

Hey guys! I am here to tell you that I may/or may not be able to continue the 2 stories:

Little Weird Friendship

Little Weird Friendship

When I lent my pen to Jesus (Wattpad)

When I lent my pen to Jesus

*Awwww (crowd sad-)

I don’t know if you guys are relieved, sad, or ‘whatever’ about it, BUT! (Yes there’s a BUT) I will be making a new story that I would (Hopefully) finish!

*YAY (crowd cheers)

I am still deciding on wether it should be a Christian love-story, Forbidden love, Greek Mythology, or whatever, so I would really appreciate your suggestions. Oh and please put long big words with the meaning so I could learn :”) Im not that good with words (yes, Im confessing), but I am willing… I really do love writing, I may not be the best at it but it really makes me feel like I’m-sharing-something-that-is-hidden-that-I-want-express-because-it-makes-me-feel-happy. << THAT!

*Ooooooh (crowd understands)

Did you know that I babble a lot and it takes time for my classmates to register what I said before they finally understand? Yeah random I know, but I’m awesome like that! >.<

OH and if you like listening to music, check out mah blog! (That your reading right now) The reason I post music btw, is because sometimes words can’t express what I am feeling or what I want to write about, so I put either music, videos, pictures and so on…

This blog is suitable for people who likes listening to music! STAY TUNED FOR SONG OF THE WEEK!! LOOOOL!! 



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