My What-I-want-to-do List!

I have decided to write a list on what I want to do (in the past,present, and future)

1. Go Scuba Diving (again.)

2. Form a band!

3. Be a victim in a prank show.

4. Join a fun run in the Philippines.

5. Go to an American college at the age of 16 and say “I am Asian!”

6. Write a novel.

7. Publish a book

8. Join a singing contest

10. Get a (temporary) tattoo

11. Go visit Grand pa in California!

12. Share the word of God.

13. Volunteer to help the sick and poor.

14. Paris!

15. Be on TV!

16. Get a Gazillion followers on WordPress!

17. Watty Awards in Wattpad!

18. Find a job (At a young age)

19. Become a zoo keeper for a day

20. Go to a Christian Concert

21. Meet Leeland!

22. Become Cupid

23. Get married (FUTURE)

24. Be in a cover of the magazine!

25. Youtube sensation.

26. Prank call a random person

27. Sing in a concert.

28. Swim with a Moray Eel.

29. Tame Ark.

30. Remove my annoying pimples

31. Learn my own native language (seriously, I don’t know any language besides english)

32. Learn Spanish

33. Make a song.

34. Talk to a guy

35. Say something intelligent without stuttering

36. Write another list on the exact date: Oct. 10, 2012 without forgetting.

37. Speak with a british accent for a day.

38. Make friends with a stranger but disguise yourself as someone else and make friends with them again with your normal self, like a two timer!

39. Climb a tree

40. Grow taller.

41. And the list goes on…




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