New Books!!


Me and my family when to a “park” which ended up being a flea market, and being me, I don’t like  (scratch that) I hate crowded places and since it was a park I expected it to be an area where I peacefully read, but wait, I forgot my phone! UGGH! But if I didn’t forget my phone, I wouldn’t have gotten these awesome books, so Thank God for that, and Belated sorry for whining about not bringing my phone (dad).

Yay! More books!! Bought them from a flea market at Safa Park from 3 awesome teenagers, we got a few more books and got them for 20 dhs all in all. Isnt that awesome or what? I started with the book Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac, Im gonna do a review of that book afterwards so stay tuned!


All for 20 dhs. But the three from earlier are mine, the remainings are for my dad and sister.



so yeah, thats my whole collection so far 🙂


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