Death on a Beach

(I do not own this picture)


I relaxed and closed my eyes as my hair danced to the wind,

taking a deep breath, I inhaled the scent of the salty breeze and sighed in content.

I felt peace.

I took out my Journal and pondered, thinking of what to write,

I closed my eyes again… this time, I focused on the sounds.

It was quiet, but it wasn’t silent.

You could here the howls of the wind and the crashing of the waves…

I heard peace.

I closed my journal, having not felt the mood or had any ideas to write.

I then picked up my guitar and strummed softly on a random chord.

Nobody can take this smile away from my face, As the deep blue

sea takes the attention of my gaze” I sang.

Satisfied, I re-opened my journal and wrote the lyrics and continued.

“I felt caged, but right now I am released, I see the light, take in the sight…

‘Cause right now I feel PEACE”.

I took in my last breath as happy tears trickled down my cheeks…

Then, in a blink of an eye, Light consumed me.

– Mary Pacis


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