I Just wanted to re-blog this, for others who haven’t seen this yet…

My Life with Christ.

its night and Im supposed to sleep but I want to share this…

I felt so alone the past few days, and I always tried to get my dads attention, I even tried acting like a crazy kid to do that… bur he ignored me, for some reason. 2 days ago, he told me to read the bible John chapter 1-2, I read some of it… then just this night we prayed and I wasnt in the mood to read the bible, and my dad saw that, so I just went to bed… then I started crying and I said to the Lord, Father, I feel so alone, I miss my dad, I want to hug him… I kept on crying and crying till someone came in, I thought it was my mom again cause she usually come in to check on me but to my surprise it was my…

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