Just thought I could amuse you with my first post 🙂

My Life with Christ.

It’s soo tiring trying to figure out how to make pages and start a blog whew! OMG I am starting my exam I didn’t even get to review! Well I stopped by this website about rabbits and their names are Hans etc.. Their stories are very nice so thats how I went to word press but really it’s alot of work to do.

My face got tired of it but I just can’t get my head of without even starting one! Somebody has to like this cause really it’s very exhausting! Me and my mom is thinking of buying 3 female guppies since the petshop is near Satwa were having a bible study there! We came from church yesterday or last friday and I felt a bit lonely cause my friends weren’t there though it was fun cause it is a church and everybody has fun in the church! Well…

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