Happy 6th Year Anniversary Church! <3

Me and my family has been in this church for 4 years, and we loved every single moment of it!

It is now our church’s 6th year anniversary! YAY!

*Claps and whistle

I still can’t forget the first time I had entered this church. I was young, grumpy, and tomboyish. yes, tomboy-ish. But now, as time passed, I grew up, but I still despise make-up… Seriously! What’s with girls and accessories? I Hate them! They itch…

So anyways, when I first entered the church, there were quite a few people, but they didn’t care if they were few, they still danced and continued to sing and give praises to the Lord. It was quite corny in my opinion when I first came. *Scoff (Kids…)

But… When you find that peace… That peace that the cheesy dancers and singers in that church have… Nothing could compare to it… I know, I know, I’m turning into a cheesy 13 year old myself, but hey? It’s not corny or cheesy no matter how many times I have mentioned it.

And TODAY IS THE DAY HE HAS MADE… (Sorry that was a song) heh heh, I was about to type “Today is the Church’s Anniversary.”…. Again. But I ended up type-singing it 😀 Here is the song btw:


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