I am Loved. [Re-blog]

I am Loved. ❤

I could hear voices, but at that time I didn’t know what they were.
I couldn’t see, but I could cry, so I cried.
Not because of my blindness, but because of all the commotion.

Suddenly I felt myself being carried and a soothing voice reached my ears, “We’ve been waiting for you” a deep voice said
I felt calm and stopped crying, I felt at home. I then fell into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, I was finally able to open my eyes and see, but I wasn’t happy because I could see,
I was happy to see two, calm eyes looking down at me.

The Person has a curly, brown hair and dark, brown eyes. She had a smile that reached her eyes, which were flowing with tears, happy tears maybe.
She wasn’t alone though, there was another person with the same facial expression that had a smile reaching his eyes and tears threatening to flow.

They both made funny faces which made me smile, I could say it was my first smile that day.

They played with me, fed me, slept with me. You could tell I was happy.

We did have those ‘times’ though, I found it hard to deal with, I didn’t know what was happening or what so ever, so I just cry, it’s all I ever do anyways, Eat. Poop. Cry. Eat. Poop. Cry. Eat. Poop. CRY! But those very two people made me feel like I was more than that.

Time flies so fast though, I am now a teenager, I now have a little sister and I am not going to expect another sibling since she is already hard to handle (If you know what I mean). My parents still love me and my sister equally. We still had our conflicts, but those are normal and part of life I suppose.

I learned there was a God who loves me like no one else could, that He sacrificed for our sins…

But this is just the beginning of my life, after I had smiled my first smile, I had smiled ever since.

It’s nice to know that someone loves you, no matter what happens.

– Mary Pacis.


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