Heartless. Prologue. (Wattpad)

Hey guys! I made a new story which I hope I will continue success fully….

Violet Scarr doesn’t believe in love, her past has made her doubt her faith… Who can change her heartless ways? Will she ever be happy again?

Heartless Book Cover.


I stared at the girl in the mirror, her face was pale, hair was loom, dark circles surrounded her eyes, she looked… sick… sickly familiar. She was staring at me blankly, her eyes brimming with tears but her face held no emotion.

Who could this girl be? Where was the girl who greeted me with a smile, whose hair was wavy and whose eyes were brown, whose skin was tan, and whose face showed love… Where is she?¬†gone…

“Violet! Greig’s home!” I snapped out of my thoughts and brushed away my tears, I looked back at the mirror and plastered a smile. Greig, is the only family I have now… Where are the others? dead…

‘I love you Vee!’ Jay’s voice echoed in my head, the loud bang repeated all over and over, I stifled a sob, “Jay…” I whispered, leaning on the wall, I hugged my knees to my chest. I heard a soft knock on the door “Vee, are you there?” I heard Greig ask, I stood up abruptly and opened the door, I forced a smile which Greig returned back, but his were more sad and forced, he leaned in and kissed my tears away “I hate seeing you cry” I winced, I was hurting him, like I did before “I know” I whispered, he hugged me, I hugged him back “I love you Vee…” I squeezed my eyes shut and hugged him tighter “I know” I just couldnt say it back, I still loved Jay “I love you too…. bro” I felt his muscles tense, I sighed, I knew it pained him, but I only thought of him as a brother nothing more. I backed away a bit to look at him, his eyes covered with tears and his face filled with sadness “You’ll find someone, I promise” he shook his head and laughed with no trace of humor, my heart sank, why cant I love him instead?

‘Because your in love with a dead person!’ My mind thought. I ignored it.

“Greig! Violoet! Your foods getting cold!” I mentally rolled my eyes as Aunt Leslie yelled using her deep english accent, which I found quite amusing and annoying at the same time. I fixed myself and closed my eyes regaining my dark composure, I heard Greig sigh, he knew me more than anyone else does, I opened my eyes and kept my face blank as if I held no emotion…. but deep down inside… I still kept, the love, tears… pain…

“So how was your day?” I heard Aunt Les ask

I growled lowly “Since when do you care?” I felt Greigs thumb rub my palm soothingly, I glared at him, Aunt Les sighed “I always ha-” I slammed my plate on the table, hard enough to break it into two.

“No Aunt Les! You dont care! You NEVER did! I didn’t even get to say good bye to my parents because of you? Why?! Because your a big fat liar! What did you tell me?” I kicked my chair hard, I winced in pain but I ignored it “Oh yeah, you told me that my parents left on a little vacation and won’t come back for quite some time…I have waited for, how long? SIX LONG YEARS! 6 long years Aunt…” I stated more softly “And look, I even have false hope they would come back again…” I laughed humorlessly “And you think I was okay?” I saw her flinch at my words, I snorted “I was a young 10 year old girl waiting for her DEAD parents who died in a car crash for 6 years…” I wiped my tears roughly “Yeah, I feel the love” I spat venemously and ran to my room… no one came after me… I slammed the door and locked it crying my heart out, I picked up my guitar and admired it, its the only thing that makes me forget the world…

I strummed the chord Em and sung the same song my mom would sing me when I felt sad

‘I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I’ll never let you go.’

‘When all those shadows almost killed your light, I remember you said, dont leave me here alone’

‘When all thats dead and gone and passed tonight…’

‘Just close your eyes, the sun is going down, you’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now, come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound’

I ended the song with one last strum and fell into a dreamless sleep…


HEY! I hope you guys liked it! I know it was quite short, but that was just the beginning. here is also a picture of Ashley Benson as Violet Scarr…

Violet scarr


Heartless (Wattpad)

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