I Feel like a Vampire…

I have read a lot of vampire stories, and honestly, I consider myself as a wolf, one of my classmates call me ‘Wolfie’ cause of the similarities…

I have a tan skin, I growl when I’m mad, I can read people like books (understand what their feeling), I hate the smell of perfume (So I faked being allergic to perfume since my ‘girly’ classmates think they smell bad when I’m the one who needs a bath), I punch quite hard *nose grows longer, and I have big ears which works, I run pretty fast too… So I’m fantisizingly (my new word) a Wereworlf šŸ™‚

But anyways, back to vampires, the whole reason for feeling like a vampire is the part where I get to outlive my love ones (pets…)

It just pains to see them die… you know? I have read one vampire story where a vampire had to suffer watching his human wife die while he lives an infinite more years of grief… harsh I know… I don’t really know what its like to feel that way until my pet rabbit died… Maggie… I know I kind of bring her up a lot, but she ‘was’ very special to me, until now… I hate it when people say ‘its just a rabbit’ usually my brain would shout ‘And your a heartless freak!’ but no can do, that would be very harsh of me, you see? I’m a very nice girl! (BWAHHAAHAHA)

So yeah… When Maggie died, I felt like a vampire that has a lot more years to come and has to move on and watch all the others die… sad…

I know we all have to move on, but its hard to have a different pet and see them die, and the cycle goes on and all that poop…

Sigh… I FEEL LIKE A VAMPIRE! and not liking it…



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