Sad stories + Me = NEVER!

I really  ‘hate’  sad stories, I wouldn’t mind an occasional drama, but all the way sadness? uh uh!

The new books which I got which I finished about a month ago was… Ech! Especially ‘Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac’ the drama was so irritating, wasnt there any thankful contentment in the story? NONE! The end was even more irritating. I remember telling you guys that after reading the book I would make a review… This is the rest of the book… SAD, Over Rated, Lots of drama, UGGH!

I hate book endings with no happy endings, there was one story with an ending that said ‘Whenever I flew, i felt closer to him [her dead loved one, GAG]’ why can’t they make the ending like this:

” ‘________, Will you marry me?’ and with this I felt like nothing was important anymore but just him and me… ‘Yes! A million times yes!’ ”

Okay not totally like that, but at least, a happy ending! But nooo!

Anyways, its not my fault they want to irritate the readers 🙂 LOL! 😛


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