What do girls talk about? / Love…

Woah! Hold your horses there guys! So, I have mixed two topics cause I’m one random girl, so read and go deep…

Well, girls are very random people, especially Filipino girls, if we run out of things to talk about it might get awkward or we might just brain storm about stuff.

What do we talk about?

It depends on our age, things we like, dislikes, etc.

I’m 13 years old, what me and my friends talk about are more about other peoples lives than our own, and no, we don’t talk about boys like how the girls are in movies, pfft!! But really, were not that obsessed! 😀 Just to put this together, Not all girls like pink, guys, and material things, I’m not ‘most girls’, I like talking about animals, friends, and stuff, I’m the type of girl that blurts whatever, but if its a secret, its a secret, the only thing is, if you talk about ‘it’ to me publicly, I have the tendency to ‘share’ it to other people…

Of course, girls talk about boys. Even if there’s a group of girls who doesn’t, they will go to a topic where they talk about how they hate guys so much or how come their not interested in them or what so ever.

When it comes to talking about love (depends on age), this is what you might hear:

Age: 6

I want my prince charming to come. [My reply: The best thing to do is ‘wait’ and ‘pray’]

Age: 10

I wonder what it’s like to fall in love… [My reply: Its a good feeling, but don’t know! I haven’t felt it yet!

Age: 13

I like him. [My reply: But your not in love! So don’t date him dufus!]

Age: 15

I’m in love! [My reply: Then wait for the right age and time to be with him, don’t rush]

Age: 18

I really love him. [My reply: If you love him and want to go further, wait ’till your’e married, he has to prove to you that he loves you back and will wait for the perfect time]

I know, I know, ‘Mary, your just 13, how do you know about love? Are you experienced?’ *High pitch mock

NO! Not experienced. I just love reading books… A lot. And i learn from those books and from the characters experience. I Also learn from my friends’ heartbreaks. *rolls eyes.

Anyways, what I’m typing right now is what girls usually talk about, not right now, right now (don’t be too literal). Okay, another thing is the change of topic, you see I was supposed to write about what girls talk about but end up writing about how I know love! Typical me 😀

Here’s one thing I gotta tell you guys: (Part of what girls talk about)

My friend (who is a Christian) just broke up with her boyfriend (who is also Christian and is 22 years old), she’s just 13… sigh… She was crying, but I don’t pity her, I’m disgusted. Yes she might love him, but at this age? And he’s 22! He has to be smarter than that! I won’t tell you her real name, but if she’s reading this right now, I hope your not mad girl… But why? Why did you just blindly let yourself lose like that? Now don’t you go on about the “I’m blinded by love” speech because that was totally not love! If he loves you, he’ll wait ’till your in a legal state! He might go to jail for crying out loud and that’s 9 years apart, he could even be your teacher! And I’m telling you, if you made up his age… *growl

Yes, I tend to over react at times. But that is no way a Christian should act, even the way I’m acting right now… But I’m just so disappointed with her… She knows better than that…

I’ve read many stories  about falling in love with people older than you (ex. Teacher/student love stories), but most people in those stories are already 17 or 16 not 13! Even if they are not legal yet, they are old enough to know what love is…

Here’s a little bible verse:

Don’t let the devil use your desire for a husband against you today. Remind yourself that you worship the one true GOD, not the feeling of love. 1 John 4:16

It reminds me, in our church’s 6th anniversary, a pastor was invited and he told us this story of one of his friend who left church to desperately find a boyfriend, but failed… she has gone 10 years of searching, but nothing. why? because she pushed GOD away… he is love, he is the only reason why we love today… Don’t let the devil fool you! Don’t be Distracted by love

That’s all… FOR NOW >:)


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