The Advantages and Disadvantages of being Random.

Now I won’t deny, I am a very random person… Its both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the time I choose to be random, but sometimes you can’t help but blurt out random things, being random means saying/ doing whatever, without any order.

Do not own picture.

Now the good thing about being random…

When your chatting with your friends and suddenly run out of things to say, you wouldn’t want to get all awkward and stuff, then thats when your randomness comes out POP and does the magic!

The disadvantage?

Well, random people have a lot of things in their head. example: Cat,meow,LOL,funny,angry, SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICXPALIDOCIOUS!

And since I like writing, wait scratch that, LOVE writing, having a random brain is a good and bad thing, good because you won’t run out of ideas… bad, because you have a lot of good ideas that you can’t just stick with one and you won’t be able to finish what your writing because of your flooded brain!!

And the real reason why I wrote “The Advantages and Disadvantages of being Random.” is because I wanted to tell you that I am having A HUGE problem with completing stories that are already nice because another idea popped into my head which ‘doesn’t match the story that was really nice’.

deep breath. deep breath.

Sorry I really talk fast. (If you read this quickly). I just really talk a lot. AND ANOTHER THING!

I am tooooooo specific. I am too specific that it gets out of topic sometimes. like, I like explaining a lot for people to understand but I end up making a long english speech that would just confuse them…


I hope you know the feeling! ;D


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