What is your Apple?

What took you away from Eden?

My Eden?


My apple?

My temper. (ex. growling, getting out of control, blaming, etc)

The Internet. (addiction)

Love. (seeking love, learning about love)

Youtube top comments on “Leaving Eden”

You have to listen closely to the lyrics. I think what he’s saying is- every step he takes, every time something happens (salvation army just got robed) we are farther away from Eden. Not the world, but Eden. Although we are in hard times, living in sin and reality, there’s hope. Which is heaven. Our new paradise. Our home. Earth is our temporary home. Eden was paradise, but since Adam and eve sinned, there was no more Eden “one more step away”. That’s what I’ve come away with.

Jo Frank

Headlines read like a warning, we’re under attack (i read that ever morning on the news)

I just waved to a stranger, he didn’t wave back (took a walk and the same thing happened)

Feels like I’m leaving Eden

I’m going, going home

joel emerick


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