Did Bully boy turn Nice?/ Best Friends <3

Remember my latest post “Death Grip“, that post is related to this, but I recommend you to read the 1st one (that is linked) so you will not get confused.

“Did Bully boy turn Nice?”

To tell you the truth, he is not at all a bully, I was just exaggerating myself, heh heh, but he was annoying, and no just because he is nice doesn’t mean he is any less annoying. So anyways, when I went back to the Sky Dive Dance Practice we had to do this “wave” again, the first post will clarify what I mean by “wave” so don’t be lazy and skip that part, anyway, we did this wave thing and sweet lil’ Ron Weasley wore a glove just so he won’t hurt my hand, awwwww.

So back to the question “Did Bully boy turn Nice?”

The answer? No, because he already is… BUT STILL SO freakin’ ANNOYING!!


Me (Wolfie), Gellie (Vampie), Shay (Zombie/Zom Zom), Twinkle (Ghost), Judie (Ninja), and The Mummy Andreah is, what I call, the FANTASY NERDS! Dun dun DUN!! Yeah *Giggle snort* we’re like completely Asian 🙂

I do not own pic.

At first, I thought that me and Gellie won’t get along together because I’m, like, so hyper and has, you know, the temper, and SHE is so kind, nice, and very WHITE! That’s why I named her Vampie… So yeah, we ended up being best friends, though, we don’t have that much in common, we both love singing and were always there for each other, ewwww, I’m all mushy now 😀


Shayne/ Shay, is my other best friend, I knew I would be friends with her anyways cause we are so much a like in many ways, she likes singing, she gets easily irritated, VERY hyper, etc. we get along pretty well, and she understands me, she knows when I fake laugh, she knows that when I say something bad, I don’t really mean it, she is a great punching bag, etc. OH and she NOT a morning person, I’m just warning you, when you see her every morning at school, she always groan and fall asleep, and she will literally rip you off if you disturb her in any ways, that’s why I named her Zombie, or Zom Zom. The good thing is, she understands Gellie too, and they get along pretty well, so there won’t be any competition, at first I thought there would be, but their best friends…


Twinkle/ Twinkie, is my close friend, she is best friends with Shayne, and she is the BEST WRITER and ARTIST (drawing), and no, I don’t know why she chose the name Ghost but she likes it 🙂 She is also very good at dressing up, her clothes are AWESOME! She’s like a geek at school and a hidden fashionista 😀


And there’s Judie, AKA Ninja, were lil’ close friends, and I don’t have a day where Judie doesn’t tickle me… I am VERY ticklish, VERY!


And Last but not the least, Andreah! She is quite annoying with the tickles, but I love her anyways… She also have long nails… Just saying…






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