Just decided to re-blog this since I am writing the nest chapter and simply wanted to remind you guys the prologue.

My Life with Christ.

Hey guys! I made a new story which I hope I will continue success fully….

Violet Scarr doesn’t believe in love, her past has made her doubt her faith… Who can change her heartless ways? Will she ever be happy again?


I stared at the girl in the mirror, her face was pale, hair was loom, dark circles surrounded her eyes, she looked… sick… sickly familiar. She was staring at me blankly, her eyes brimming with tears but her face held no emotion.

Who could this girl be? Where was the girl who greeted me with a smile, whose hair was wavy and whose eyes were brown, whose skin was tan, and whose face showed love… Where is she? gone…

“Violet! Greig’s home!” I snapped out of my thoughts and brushed away my tears, I looked back at the mirror and plastered a smile. Greig, is the only family…

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