Amalayer / Filipino Thoughts…

Warning: Those who judge quickly, please don’t judge quickly.


As you have seen in this video… that girl is… well plain rude, mean, and a girl who jumps to conclusions. I feel humiliated since I am a Filipino.

We should be more careful with what we say and do, in Philippines, everything is updated. Video’s like these spread easily.

Filipino’s are known to be straightforward. But they are also known to be Hospitable and have good sense of humor.

But no matter what. I still love the Philippines. Even that video won’t make me regret being a Filipino. Nobody is perfect, and not only Filipino’s can do that damage, I mean, look at Kony (if you guys still remember him) and Osama Bin Laden…

But that was all I wanted to share… but maybe this will make you feel better…


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