Bible Study…


I was writing a story in wattpad, wait scratch that, I was in the middle of writing a story in wattpad, when it was time to leave for the bible study, I for once, didn’t want to go, but I thought ‘It’s just an elevator away, I could come back here whenever I feel like it’, but as I entered the bible study, we started getting deeper and asking questions which made my curiosity start bubbling, like “In the old testament, how could they go to heaven if they havent seen Jesus?” well that would be answered in the next post, but for now lets stay on topic (which I rarely do).

As we were in the bible study, I suddenly observed my location, observing small details which captured my eyes and observing the people around me. Though I felt tired and exhausted, I actually felt happy… I’m happy that I’m here with my family learning about God, I’m happy that I have a blog so I could share what I am learning, it made me want to laugh and cry at the same time, if that was possible…

But as said in my older posts, everything has a reason or purpose, though you have to go to the consequences and conflicts, there is always a GOOD reason behind it…


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